The first issue of the Magazine was published in 1993. At that time there was a shortage of actual information about PONs for people interested in that breed. Any information about PON was very rare in the kenological papers and one could not improve his knowledge about PONs on its basis. That`s why we decided to start the Magazine, which would fill in the information gap. Poland is the country of origin of this breed and many people from abroad searched for information and data in our country and wanted to get in touch with our breeders. The magazine has undergone many changes within several years - we have changed its title and contents . First it was totally devoted to PONs, then we started to write about other Polish breeds too. But we kept the section for PONs in every issue. So, Magazyn Polskiego Owczarka Nizinnego /The Polish Lowland Sheepdog Magazine/ was changed into Magazyn Polskiego Owczarka Nizinnego i Ras Polskich /The Magazine of PON and Polish Breeds/ and finally it got the title Pies Polski /The Polish Dog/ . The total number of issues was 15. In 1998 we stopped publishing the Magazine regularly and the last issue of the Magazine appeared in 2000 to commemorate the European Dog Show in Poznań.   

The Magazine has always been published out of our private funds and does not represent official opinions connected with the club`s matters. The Magazine is of A-4 size with a colourful cover. Every article has a short summery in English. .

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With pleaure I want to inform You that we edit next issue of our PONs Magazine. ( April 2016). it has 58 pages inside. Please see photo of Contens below: Of course like usually all articles have English summaries. You can write to us by e-mail: ( or by post
If You want to buy it or order some archival issues we need to know Your choice and number of copies .

The cost of one copy of the Magazine plus mailing in the European countires is - 6,5 EUR The cost of one copy of the Magazine plus air mail for the USA and Canada is 8,5$. We are sorry that the price has gone up but this because the price of the air mail . Notice! Because of the rate of exchange of Dollar to Euro and Polish Zloty the above quated prices can be changed...

Everybody can order the latest issue of the Magazine /and some older ones too/ by e-mail : (

We will send you the Magazine by mail /paid at the delivery/ or after you send the money to our account. Please confirm the transfer by e-mail and attach the present mailing address for post office ! /important!/

Our account number is:
BGŻ /Bank Gospodarki Żywnościowej/
Swift Code of Bank (BIC) GOPZPLPW
Maciej Miczek
ul.Wieniawskiego 71
38-400 Krosno
No: PL 40 2030 0045 1130 0000 0146 2600


Greeting for everybody

Maciej Miczek

/the editor/

Currently interested persons can purchase certain back issues and the last one of our magazine.
Please place your orders to the following e-mail address:
  The editors` address:
  Beata i Maciej Miczkowie
  ul. Wieniawskiego 71
  38-400 Krosno, Poland
  phone/fax /48/ 13 4326579

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