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                                                                                                                       09.04.1995 - 12.04.2007

There are many valuable and entitled PONs in Furman`s pedigree; many of them are the World Winners, Champions and PON's Club Winners. The Pons which are remembered till today are: Apasz z Bankowcow, Bartosz Boruta z Matecznika Diany, Brussa z Doliny Biebrzy, Radosz z Psiego Raju, Lancet z Zeriby. Furman takes very much after his famous grandfather APASZ z Bankowców. His father still lives in the kennel "Banciarnia" - 14 years old, famous AMAL z Banciarni. Amal is an exceptional dog. Exceptional not only because of his wonderful exterior but also because he proved to be a great stud. It is difficult to count all his achievements at the shows and it is even more difficult to mention all the beautiful PONs that have appeared and still appear at the rings and have AMAL in their pedigrees. We have been watching AMAL being showed for many years and we kept our fingers crossed for him. Now we are glad and very proud that we are the owners of his great son.




Amal z Banciarni


 At the beginning of his life Furman lived in Banciarnia - the kennel of Barbara and Andrzej Świst. This is probably why he became so much attached to the pack. The pack, the herd - these are things he has liked since he was young and he still feels the best close to them. It was in Banciarnia where I first saw Furman. I went to see him after several phone calls from Barbara. She told me she had a dog that promises to be very special in future. Furman was 6 months old then and the decision was taken instantly - this dog had to be mine. I admit he looked very promising even as a young dog, but the thing that made me love him from the very beginning apart from his beautiful anatomical structure was his character - calm and not demanding or disturbing, which sometimes happens among dogs. Strong, beautiful head, thick bone, wide pace, good hair - it has always been my ideal of PON, which at that time played with other "banciarz" at the fields of Dursztyn. Today Furman is on very good terms with our bouvier des flandres Ch PL NISSAN z Grodu Książąt Pomorskich. When Nissan is not around, Furman is in a bad mood and he looses his eagerness to play.

Amal and his jego potomstwo - Najlepszy Reproduktor I Klubowa Wystawa Ras Polskich - Kraków
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